Faculty of Health & Social Science

Faculty of Health and Social Science

Undergraduate Programs

At the heart of CoPm’s mission rests its commitment to providing education with access to a rigorous undergraduate education and ensuring a successful, enriching academic experience. Please explore CoPm’s undergraduate program offerings. You are also invited to learn more about the work of our Office of Undergraduate Studies, including Pathways, CoPm’s general education framework with the following are current undergraduate education Programs,

Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma in Community Nurse     duration:  3 Years
  • Diploma  in Public Health    Duration:  3 Years
  • Diploma in  Environmental Health  Duration:  3 Years

Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Community Nurse     duration:  4 Years
  • Bachelor of Science  in Public Health    Duration:  4 Years
  • Bachelor of Science in  Environmental Health  Duration:  4 Years

Graduate Programs

Graduate students at CoPm have unique access to outstanding academic departments, distinguished faculty, research opportunities, and a wealth of future job prospects. Learn more about CoPm’s graduate programs.

Master Programs:

  • Master of Science  with Community Health     duration:  2 Years
  • Master of Science  with  Clinical Social Work Duration:  2 Years
  • Master of Science  in Public Heath (Majors) Duration:  2 Years
  • Master of Science  in Community Nurse   Duration:  2 Years
  • Master of Science  in Environmental Health  Duration:  2 Years

Continuing and Professional PhD Programs

CoPm’s continuing education programs at PhD are not limited to the above courses, and certificates offer an unrivaled array of opportunities for career advancement and professional development, skill development, and personal growth, all for affordable prices, on flexible schedules, and at locations throughout the world.

College Honors Programs

CoPm’s offers several dozen honors programs university-wide. These include unique programs offered by individual colleges as well as programs on campuses that are part of College of Professional Management programs.

CoPm Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies

CoPm offers students the opportunity to work with faculty mentors and academic advisers to design a unique BA or BS degree that takes advantage of courses, programs, and resources across the entire university. Learn more about how these programs allows highly motivated, self-directed students to pursue academic goals that transcend traditional majors.

School-College Partnerships

The College of Professional Management’s commitment to the education around the world begins long before 1980. Through its School-College Partnerships, CoPm invests substantial human and financial resources in the service of public school students and out-of-school youth. The Office of Academic Affairs manages these efforts in collaboration with many Colleges and Universities that partner with the College around the world.

The College of Professional Management (CoPm) Limited was established in 1980 by dedicated and experienced Academicians and Research practioners as a Distance and Online institute to answer the growing demand for education, management and related disciplines.

Global Office

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